Longview Power Plant

And being a low‐cost electricity generator also means the plant’s equivalent availability factor (EAF) has been positively affected. Before Longview went through its rehabilitation, tube leaks and other problems caused the plant’s capacity factor to be in the low 70s – EAF was driving a poor capacity factor. Since all the modifications were completed, Longview’s 2016 annual EAF was 92.5 percent and capacity factor was 86 percent.


Longview’s Keffer, says bluntly that plants like Longview are the future for the nation’s coal industry and argues that building more like it should be the focus for the industry.

“Longview should be the future of coal in this country,” Keffer said. “These plants are relatively low cost, highly efficient, and highly reliable with very low emissions.”

“Regulations including the Clean Power Plan and the New Source Rule have blocked development of advanced clean coal technology power plants in America,” Keffer said. “As a result, the coal fleet averages 40+ years in age and is not competitive with CCGT’s based on cost, efficiency and emissions. Other countries including Germany and China have built even more advanced technology coal plants and achieved greater efficiencies with low emissions.”

Keffer said the Trump Administration intends to roll back regulations and will likely seek to repeal the Clean Power Plan or seek guidance from Congress regarding EPA’s authority to regulate CO2 under Clean Air Act.

“The EPA also could rewrite the Clean Power Plan to focus on regulating CO2 emissions as actually permitted under the Clean Air Act using ‘best system of emissions reductions’ at the source (i.e. within the fence line of power plants),” Keffer said. “Longview demonstrates the ‘best system of emissions reductions’ for coal plants and is the plant to be replicated to maintain coal fired power in the USA.”

“By building advanced high efficiency low emissions coal fired plants, we could continue to use coal to provide reliable low cost electrical power while creating and preserving thousands of good paying jobs in the industry.”