Next Generation Coal Technology Comes to Life – Wyoming’s ITC

By Jason Begger, Wyoming Infrastructure Authority

Americans enjoy one of the most reliable, affordable power supplies in the world. Every time we flip on a light switch, we expect the lights to come on. And they do, in large part thanks to coal. Coal is a top U.S. energy source, and its reliability is a big reason those lights come on when we flip that switch. For decades, America has depended on coal to meet our energy needs. Wyoming, as the nation’s leading coal producing state for over thirty years, has been an important part of meeting that demand.

Despite mounting pressure from government regulations and increasing market competition, America still depends on coal. Alternative forms of energy are simply not ready to carry the nation’s energy demands. We can’t afford to leave coal behind.

Coal must innovate to secure its place as a responsible contributor to future global energy production. That’s why Wyoming is investing in the future of coal‐based energy solutions by building a next generation testing facility called the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC). The Wyoming ITC will be a home for researchers to test and develop the technology‐based solutions necessary to keep America’s lights on.


Wyoming has enjoyed a long history of strength in coal mining, making it the ideal location to foster the next generation of advanced coal technology. Since 1865, Wyoming coal mines have produced 10.6 billion tons of coal.

Since 1986, Wyoming has been the United States’ number one coal producing state primarily because of the vast reserves found in the Powder River Basin (PRB). The PRB coal seams are one of the largest, most economical energy reserves on the planet, and the PRB is the largest coal basin in the U.S. Roughly 40 percent of the all coal used annually is mined in Wyoming.