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Founded in 1901, Columbia Steel brings to its customers over 100 years of steel casting knowledge and experience. Columbia Steel is a world class provider of high quality cast steel impact and wear resistant parts for the mining industry. The company has the advantage of being able to quickly respond to the increasingly difficult customer demands to improve weight/strength ratio efficiencies, increase wear life and lower overall process cost for positive net results. The company is proud of the proven successes from working directly with mine maintenance and product end users to improve product service and quality. Columbia Steel stands behind all of products with a guarantee of proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.


Dragline Chain
World leader in dragline chain products: XtraLife® chain is the industry-wide standard for cast dragline chain. Columbia creates chain assemblies tailor-made to fit specific rigging configuration and wear conditions. From replacement end repair strands to complete drag, hoist or dump chain assemblies Columbia Steel will meet all dragline chain requirements. Added value to chain products are included through innovations and improved designs, such as the addition of “transition links” which are now standard with all chain orders that can benefit from their inclusion.

The world’s largest operating draglines rely on Columbia Steel dragline chain for maximum uptime. Columbia Steel’s chain quality has been demonstrated by replacing competitor chain with a half size smaller chain – ultimately increasing the payload efficiencies of the dragline.

Check out Columbia Steel’s new, hammerless repair link  — the EZ RigLok® dratgline repair link — for safer and faster chain strand repairs.

Xtend Process®
Most weld overlay applications are applied as a secondary operation when the casing is in the “fully heat treated” condition which can induce stresses into the casting that can be detrimental to service life. Columbia Steel’s unique Xtend weld overlay process is done as a primary operation while the casting is in the annealed state. The Xtend overlay is applied and then the casting and overlay together are subsequently heat treated to relieve any induced stress from the Xtend weld overlay process. The Xtend weld overlay process produces a superior product to a secondary operation weld overlay product applied to a completely heat treated casting without stress relieving. The Xtend process can increase the service life of chain by 30%.

A similar process is used to apply manganese overlays. Columbia Steel has been very successful applying manganese overlays in the bite area of chain links to supply additional wear life.

TwistLink® Chain

To reduce chain weight and chain wear surface area, Columbia Steel has introduced TwistLink® chain. The innovative TwistLink chain is as long as two standard links, but is still cast in the same material as XtrafLife chain, providing good resistance to abrasion, excellent ability to handle impact and considerable weight reduction. On average, TwistLink chain strands utilizing these links experience up to a 22% reduction in weight.  The new chain has proven successful in the field and supplies dragline operators with a new cost saving option.


Columbia Steel can provide complete “rope to rope” dragline rigging assemblies that will efficiently accommodate an operator’s digging style and requirements. Columbia can provide direct replacement parts to fit current rigging or implement more streamlined rigging configurations that will reduce overall rigging weight, maintenance costs and parts inventory.

Columbia sales and engineering staff work closely with mine personnel to increase productivity and wear life suited for each mine. Reducing rigging weight allows more payload without adversely affecting boom and gear works. Strategically locating specific parts and implementing Xtend overlay can significantly improve wear life that will reduce part usage and reduce part maintenance costs.

Columbia Steel can supply all dragline rigging needs. Columbia has a large number of existing patterns for rope sockets and wedges, complete dump block assemblies, spreader bar assemblies, hoist links and a full array of rigging connection linkscast pin/keeper assemblies and manganese steel bushings.


Columbia Steel produces large structural front ring bucket castings from proven high strength alloy steel for new bucket builds or replacement / repair. Whether building a new bucket or replacing a worn lip in an OEM bucket, Columbia Steel can create the bucket parts to fit specific needs.


Columbia Steel manufactures many wear parts for large mining shovels, which include:

ALL parts made in Portland, Oregon, USA.

10425 N. Bloss Ave.
Portland, OR 97203

Phone: 503-286-0685
Toll-Free: (800) 547-9471


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