Force Control

Force Control Industries Inc. is a family-owned business started in 1969. The company has designed and sold a number of products worldwide; however, its main products are the Posidyne clutch brakes, the Posistop foot-mounted and motor-mounted brakes, the MagnaShear electric release spring set motor brakes, and the Positorq continuous slip or tension/dynamometer load brakes. All of the current products are designed with oil shear technology which provides maximum life with no regular maintenance and no adjustment – ever! They are totally enclosed and impervious to dust, dirt, moisture or chemicals, so they are ideal in mines, outside and dockside.

3660 Dixie Hwy
Fairfield, OH 45014

Stan Porter
Regional Sales Director
Phone: (513) 868-0900
Fax: (513) 868-2105

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