HardSteel, Inc.

HardSteel is a manufacturer of chromium-carbide overlay plate. Additionally, we offer complete “value-added” services – cutting, forming, rolling, countersinking, studs, fabrication. We also offer overlay pipe, clad pins and gudgeons, hardfacing wire and rods.

We stock 5’ x 10’ plates in ¼” (1/8 on 1/8 one layer), 3/8” (3/16 0n 3/16 one layer) ½” (1/4 on ¼ in one or two layer), 5/8” (1/4 on 3/8 single layer and 3/8 on ¼ two layer), 3/4 “ (3/8 on 3/8 two layer) and 1” ( ½ on ½ three layer). Custom sizes or thicknesses and custom base plate materials (stainless, A572, corten) are available.

Some of products include:
Lliners for chutes, haul trucks, loaders and dozers.
Wear packages for loaders
Skirtboards, hammers, edges, teeth, flop gates Clad pins and gudgeons Overlayed pipe up to 10’ long We provide full fabrication services We provide attachment points – countersunk holes, studs, hardfaced bolts We do rolling, forming, cutting, hardfacing by hand when needed

Two things we understand:
1. Abrasions never quits and neither do we.
2. Downtime sucks.

PO Box 2266
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Larry Williams
Fax: 205-343-0073
Email: larry@hardsteel.net
Website: hardsteel.com

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