Kentucky Stream Mitigation Banks

Section 404 Clean Water Act mitigation credits that can decrease permitting time, limit liability and control costs in these Kentucky watersheds:

  • Big Sandy
  • Lower Kentucky
  • Lower Licking
  • North Fork Kentucky
  • Salt

To inquire about credits, please contact
Katherine Birnie
(443) 921-9441

Mitigation credits from EIP enable you to satisfy the requirements of your environmental permit quickly and cost-effectively while eliminating liability exposure. Credit purchases also promote large-scale conservation and restoration of Kentucky’s stream corridors for future generations.

Advantages of EIP Mitigation Credits

Cost Effective
Our large mitigation banks achieve economies of scale, reducing our cost per credit.

Eliminates Up-Front Costs
You incur costs only upon credit delivery.

Provides Budget Certainty
Pricing is predictable, and credits are a one-time purchase.

Accelerates Time-to-Permit
Mitigation banks are already approved, reducing permit review time.

Releases You from Liability
EIP assumes all responsibility for performance, including 10+ years of monitoring, maintenance and reporting requirements.

Can Reduce Your Credit Need
There is no loss of aquatic resource or habitat function, which many regulatory authorities penalize in calculating credit requirements.

Preferred by Regulators
Per federal regulation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA favor mitigation banking for compensatory mitigation.

Before, after and during
Copperas Mitigation Bank, Logan County, WV

Katherine Birnie
Phone: (443) 921-9441

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