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Marshall Miller & Associates (MM&A), headquartered in Bluefield, Virginia, U.S., offers services in the energy, mining and engineering sectors worldwide, as well as to financial, insurance, government and various private- and public-sector companies. The company’s success throughout its 40-year history is based on a commitment to applying advanced engineering and scientific solutions to solve problems.

MM&A is a proven partner with aggregate and industrial minerals firms. We listen to you; and then plan, design, manage, and deliver streamlined projects to meet your objectives within your operational requirements.

Government and private- and public-sector entities partner with MM&A for a wide range of research in the energy field, including: clean coal technologies, carbon capture and storage, carbon footprint, and mandatory reporting rules.

REMOTELY PILOTED (DRONE) AERIAL MAPPING SERVICES Coordinate aerial surveys for topographic mapping, prepare stockpile inventories, update pit progress, create GIS maps, or analyze crops for precision agriculture with MM&A’s remotely piloted, fixed-wing drone survey services. FAA-licensed remote pilots deliver a wide variety of cost-effective services with the company’s high-precision drone.

STATE & FEDERAL MINING-RELATED PERMITS & ENVIRONMENTAL RECLAMATION Permits are delivered to clients that meet SMCRA, NPDES, CWA, CAA, and other regulatory constraints.

MM&A offers complete surface and underground mine permitting services to the coal, aggregate, and mineral mining industries, particularly in precious and industrial metal mines in California and Nevada; the coalfields in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia; and the aggregates industry in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

Investigate sub-surface conditions and fluid movement by using the following tools: acoustic televiewer, borehole deviation, borehole video camera, caliper, EM flowmeter, fluid conductivity, fluid temperature, gamma-gamma density, induction, natural gamma ray, neutron, full waveform sonic, CBL-cement bond, fluid sampler, and various resistivity logs.

Surface and groundwater monitoring and data management; water supply development; mine inflow and control; monitoring of mine, quarry or construction impact; mitigation of hydrogeologic impact; AMD prevention; and mine stream and wetland mitigation/restoration services are delivered by MM&A.

In addition, MM&A has researched, developed, and implemented an actively managed semi-passive biochemical reactor technology for remediating selenium-impacted waters associated with mining.

The company provides: due diligence support and serves as an expert witness on a wide variety of subject matters. In addition, MM&A develops reporting to meet SEC Industry Guide 7, Canadian NI 43-101, and Australasian JORC standards and requirements.

MINING, MINE VENTILATION, PREP PLANT OPTIMIZATION & MINE CLOSURE The results of MM&A’s integrated approach to the mining process are cost effective designs, state-of-the-art ventilation systems, safe and productive operations, prep plant circuit optimization, and compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.

MM&A can assist your firm by providing resource assessment (shale gas and coalbed methane), reserve reporting, and economic analysis.

Log on to the company’s web site,, call 276-322-5467, or e-mail, to learn how MM&A can deliver services to solve your energy exploration or mining process problems.

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Steve Keim
Senior Vice President

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