Raco International L. P.

Company Description:

RACO International, LP is a leading global manufacturing company that produces both linear and rotary electromechanical actuator systems. Founded over 60 years ago, RACO International, LP is the true pioneer of electromechanical actuators. We offer dependable, environmentally safe and economic alternatives to either hydraulic or pneumatic systems. RACO actuators are ideal components / subsystems for demanding applications in the harshest of environments. Our fully customizable Linear Actuators are capable of producing thrusts up to 225,000lbs while offering stroke lengths up to 20 feet. RACO Linear Actuators come equipped with either a high precision Ballscrew or a reliable, self-locking ACME screw. Our multi-turn Rotary Actuators are designed to automate the operation of valves, gates, dampers, louvers and other positioning applications while offering almost any amount of torque required. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ most demanding requirements with standard and custom designs. For more details about our entire product line, please contact us today.

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