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Sub 325® Fine Coal Recovery System

Founded by individuals with decades of experience in the mining and mineral industries, Somerset Coal International (SCI) is leading the way in fine coal recovery. SCI partnered with Centrisys Corporation to enhance proven centrifuge base design to adapt its use to the coal industry. The result is Somerset Coal International’s Sub325® Fine Coal Recovery System—a powerful solid bowl centrifuge technology that separates fine particles and water. The Sub325® System contains three key advancements: redesigning internal geometry, creating extremely high G-force and optimizing the rotation differential between the bowl and scroll, which is adjustable during operation. This breakthrough system enables mines to increase yield and profitability and decrease plant and waste-related costs by placing ultra-fine clean coal to the product belt that now reports to refuse.

The Sub325® System:

  • uses a programmable logic controller (PLC) to continuously monitor input into the unit, make critical adjustments and provide key, real-time operational data, all on the fly
  • captures fine coal that screen bowl centrifuges are not designed to and cannot capture—even through efforts to recirculate the particles
  • seamlessly integrates into your plant operation with no downtime
  • increases screen bowl performance and lowers product moisture 0.25% – 1.1%
  • recovers fine coal at an AR-moisture in the 15% – 22% range while adding 5 – 15 tons of clean coal per hour, depending on the size of the plant and coal characteristics
  • decreases chemicals needed at the thickener
  • increases refuse impoundment life by diverting quality coal to the clean product belt
  • can provide room for spiral and flotation cut point raises

SCI offers its breakthrough system without any required capital or maintenance expenditures to its customers. The Sub325® System will generate substantial value and increased revenue for its customers. Somerset is paid via a revenue sharing agreement which is substantially weighted to its customers. Units are currently installed in both the United States and Australia, with plans for additional installations in Russia.

To learn more about Somerset Coal International and its breakthrough Sub325® System, or to set up a free consultation, visit or call (412) 576-4000.

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