Trojan Tire

Manufacturer of Patented Trojan Air-Cell® Rubber Tire Fill Technology; Trojan Soft Core.

Trojan’s patented tire fill technology is made from real rubber compounds for added strength and durability. Heavy Duty Reusable SOFT CORE® & Standard Duty SOFT CORE® have been proven around the world in a range of applications including: the toughest underground coal & hard rock mines, steel mills & heavy industrial applications.
Heavy Duty Cellular Soft Core is up to 12 times stronger than weak solid polyurethane.

  • Performance Features Include:
  • Increase Tire Life – up to 50%+
  • Increased Load Capacity – up to 50%
  • Closest to Air Ride / Shock Absorbing
  • Lowest Cost per Hour
  • Improved Productivity
  • Planned Maintenance

Technology for Today’s Corporate Mandates
Companies and Mines everywhere have a commitment – and obligation – to meet their corporate goals on environmental protection and workplace health & safety. These mandates are well known and real.

Trojan’s “Air-Cell” products allow corporations to meet these goals – and even raise standards in areas they may not have yet considered.

Environment: Using Trojan will reduce new oil usage by up to 95% as compared to weak solid polyurethane. Other environmental benefits include:
Reduced watershed/landfill water hazards
Increased Recycling
Increased Tire Life
100% Reusable Soft Core

Safety: Replacing air with Trojan tire fill systems protects workers: No Air = No Explosive Force!
Available PREINSTALLED in quality Industrial, Mining & OTR tires – Ready to Press-n-Go.

Trojan also manufacturers Cable Guides® for shuttle cars & Dooley’s® for over the road open pit mine support equipment.

For more detailed product, environmental and safety information contact Trojan: • E-Mail: • Tel: 1-866-844-0144

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Burlington, ON L7L 5K7,

Phone: (905) 633-6886
Fax: (905) 633-7271

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