If You are a SAHM, You Should Support Coal

By Zoe Richmond

It may be one of the biggest dilemmas Stay-at Home Moms face: entertaining toddlers in the throes of cabin fever. Summertime in Arizona means getting your outdoor activities done before 8 a.m. and hunkering down indoors in the afternoon. Inevitably, by 2 p.m. my two boys are begging to go outside. They are too young to understand that it is 106 degrees outside with no shade–so it’s not the healthiest time to be sprinting laps. I buy myself some time by turning the sofa into a fort.

I have managed to entertain my energy stocked-bundles of joy, at least today. However, there is the rest of the long hot summer staring us down. It makes me wonder if America’s future energy supply will be as well stocked as the energy propelling my two boys.

America’s coal supply may not be top of mind awareness for most SAHMs, but it should be. Coal is a vital component of our nation’s overall power generation. Since becoming a SAHM, I have been more conscientious of our power use. And I have realized an impact to coal has a very direct impact on my household.

Other energy sources may have flashy PR campaigns, but any good mom knows not to be swayed by glossy images. Like most moms, I turn the package around to read the label. I encourage other moms to do the same. Turn over the package to our nation’s energy consumption and you will find the following about coal:

  • Coal is an abundant, reliable energy source that is mined in United States, not imported from foreign interests.
  • If you support local, you should support coal. From the coal mines to the plug on your wall, the coal mining industry supports approximately 700,000 jobs.
  • The power industry has been working diligently for many years to install clean coal technologies on plants to reduce emissions. (see more info on this in the ACC Coal Communications Kit – http://www.americancoalcouncil.org/page/airborne_emission)
  • Coal is affordable. Consider coal the inexpensive bag of cereal. It may not look fancy, but you get the highest value for your dollar.

Besides my power usage, I have also become more conscious about the monthly bill that accompanies said usage. A family with a SAHM means you are budgeting with one income, so every penny counts. That’s where SAHMs should really become cheerleaders for inexpensive energy sources. Unnecessary or unrealistic regulations can only raise the cost of energy production, leading to higher utility bills for all of us.