Raven Engineered Films

An innovative 60-year manufacturer of targeted geomembrane containment liners and covers to meet EPA guidelines and secure impoundments of coal combustion residuals (CCRs), we produce a broad range of reinforced, smooth, textured, and advanced gas barrier geomembranes (20-120 mil). Raven manufactures stabilized 8 mil reinforced temporary covers on up to 20 mil longer-term covers, and high performance reinforced-textured 45 mil covers for longevity and slope stability in permanent capping. In addition, we produce unsupported flexible HydraFlex™ Ultra LLDPE liners as primary containment used over compacted clay liners.

The full Raven product line includes a wide-span of geomembranes including RPE, RPP, PVC, EPDM, CSPE, HDPE, LLDPE, fPP, along with all the supportive geosynthetic materials to complete seamless installations and reliable long-term performance.

Reinforced Dura♦Skrim® R-Series (20 & 24 mil)

  • High strength scrim reinforcement
  • Great dimensional stability
  • Extra Large One-Piece Prefabricated Factory Panels

Applications: Short to Midterm Moisture Cover Systems, Wind and Dust Protective Covers

Reinforced Dura♦Skrim® KT & NT-Series (30-36-45 Mil)

  • Dense heavy-duty scrim reinforcement
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Large Scale One-Piece Quality Factory Panels

Applications: High Performance Cover Systems, Long-Term Exposure, Low Bearing Strength Foundations

Unreinforced – Smooth HydraFlex™ Ultra (40 Mil)

  • Exceptional durability, even in cold environments
  • Highly flexible and conforming to uneven surfaces
  • Meets GRI-GM17 Standard Specifications

Applications: Buried Liner Systems, Economical Barrier Caps.

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