United Bulk Terminals

United Bulk Terminals provides a broad spectrum of services related to the storage and handling of dry bulk products, with a pronounced focus on energy-related commodities. The facility in Davant, Louisiana, is the largest dry bulk export terminal on the U.S. Gulf Coast with a storage capacity of 3.5 million tons, servicing nearly all major U.S. petcoke and coal producers. UBT Dupré, a joint venture with Dupré Logistics, operates the Corpus Christi site in Texas, and has become a trusted service provider of in-refinery petcoke and sulfur handling services in the U.S.

14537 Highway 15
Davant, LA 70040

Allen Newman
Phone: (504) 416-9279
Website: www.unitedbulkterminals.com

*Updated as of Dec. 6, 2018*

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