A Turn for the Better

With a significant loss of coal demand made permanent due to plant closures, it will be critical to protect the investments made in the remaining coal generation fleet. Regulatory relief and a supportive policy environment will help. Not only will that preserve coal and related sector jobs, it will retain plants that are needed for our nation’s power sector to deliver reliable 24/7 electricity to American homes and businesses. The path forward for coal must also include new technologies and uses.

The American Coal Council appreciates the new administration’s focus on regulatory reform. We support efforts to restore balance and reasonableness and reduce the costly burden of regulations that lack commensurate benefits. We will work to ensure that coal has the best possible opportunities to compete and grow again.

As the American Coal Council celebrates our 35th year of service to the coal sector this year, we’re grateful to represent the industry and advocate for the policy change that’s in the air. In 2017, ACC is changing as well. In February, the American Coal Council and the Coal Trading Association agreed to combine. Our two organizations had a working relationship for many years to co‐host the annual Coal Trading Conference in December in New York. On a bigger picture level, the missions, activities, and programs of the organizations fit well together. Bob McLean, longtime Executive Director of the Coal Trading Association, has retired and I will lead the combined organization operating under the existing American Coal Council name. I wish Bob all the best in this new phase of his life. I saw him recently and he seems to be handling it quite well. Bob mentioned that he was reading four books at the same time. What a luxury! I hope he’ll have a chance to fit reading this American Coal magazine into his repertoire!

I welcome our new Coal Trading Association members and look forward to extending American Coal Council resources and services to them. CTA programs and events to be continued under ACC include:

  • The reception at the Eastern Fuel Buyers Conference in Orlando on May 2, 2017.
  • The Coal Trading Conference, in New York on December 4‐5, 2017.
  • The Fundamentals of Coal Trading class, which is being converted to an online education program.

As a result of the ACC‐CTA combination, the popular ACC “BOGO” membership benefit of one free conference registration per Member Company with a paid conference registration for is being extended to include the Coal Trading Conference beginning in 2017. If you are an ACC member and did not use your company BOGO at Spring Coal Forum in March, you can do so at Coal Market Strategies (August 14‐16, Park City, UT) or the Coal Trading Conference (December 4‐5, New York, NY). We’re also expanding sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

I look forward to seeing ACC members and industry colleagues at all of our events this year. To all coal stakeholders, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss ways that we can cooperate across the industry to optimize the opportunities for coal. Change is in the air, and it’s a turn for the better!