Docks Creek LLC

Mailing address:
P O Box 250
Ceredo, WV 25507
Phone: 304-453-4000
Fax: 304-453-1117

Physical adress:

2625 US Route 52 South
Konova, WV 25530

A full service material handling and storage facility

Location, location, location…

  • MP 6.4 on the Big Sandy River
  • Norfolk Southern Rail loading and unloading (Kenova District, Mine #0866, station/siding #10518)
  • Access to US Route 52

Handling and Storage

  • Stockpile management
  • Precision coal blending, screening, and crushing
  • Sampling and analysis with real-time nuclear analyzer
  • Transportation scheduling and management
  • 58 acre storage capacity
  • Current storage capabilities include coal, pet coke, magnetite, sand, gravel, rock, steel, and ammonium nitrate.

Trucks – Incoming and Outgoing

  • Dual Thurman certified scale weighing systems with electronic sensors and computerized records
  • Permanent truck auger system for inbound and outbound material sampling
  • 2nd stage belt sweep and carousel containers

Barges – Incoming and Outgoing

  • 3200 feet of river frontage with two barge load outs and HH&S flow sample systems
  • Direct rail-to-barge loading capability with two stage automatic sampler
  • Multiple hopper/belt load points from all stockpile areas
  • Clamshell backhoe available for loading and unloading a variety of materials

Rail – Incoming and Outgoing

  • Four hour, 110 car double batch weigh load out
  • Two stage automatic sampling
  • 24 hour railcar dumping, direct to barge or ground
  • 120 empty car capacity

2625 US Route 52 South
Kenova, WV 25530

Phone: 304-453-4000
Fax: 304-453-1117

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